Case Study

Children's Charity

Inspirational and optimistic imagery for children's charity re-brand.

Glasgow based agency Good Creative took on Yorkhill children's charity re-brand back in 2014. Under the banner of the HCP charities project, we engaged in producing a series of portraits of some of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children patents. 

Come Together

The brief was to create images that showed the strength and bravery of the children undergoing cancer treatments at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. With many of the children spending prolonged periods of time in the hospital the portraits were be location based and should make no effort to hide the environment. Many of the children had cards from family and well wishers stuck above beds, some have books and toys. Others would be making use of some of the services the charity offers: play room, TV, video games and even visits from friendly pets. All of the images were to match the new bold, friendly childlike type face of the graphics below. 

All you need is love!

This project will always remain close to my heart, and is by far the most challenging I have ever done. In my decade long career I have shot in many difficult situations, under high pressure, and often fighting agents the elements. This project was a challenge in many other surprising ways. It was obvious from the start of our first session that the task in hand would be far more emotionally draining than I have ever anticipated. The kids in these images were among some of the most inspirational and humbling people I have ever had the privilege to photograph. It is not hard to see from these images that the smiles on their faces are real, born from hope and love. This of course is testament in part to the support, optimism and professionalism of the staff, from doctors to auxiliaries and nurses to volunteers. But also, the families that are standing by, slightly out of the frame, full of reassurance and encouragement. The overwhelming feeling in these rooms is that of love and care, and for us to share that even for the few moments was a gift that I will never forget. 


At Yorkhill Children’s Charity we wanted to capture the unique journeys the many babies, children, their families and the hospital staff go through at Yorkhill Hospital every day. Hamish and his team were incredibly professional and creative, while at the same time extremely warm-hearted. Hamish had an instant connection with everyone he photographed and we have beautiful, one of a kind images to prove it. The joy these photos gave to the parents of the children was phenomenal. He was able to capture the positivity and strength these children hold on to when they are going through difficult procedures and treatments. We are so grateful to Hamish for kindly donating his services to Yorkhill. We can’t commend him highly enough and would certainly not hesitate in recommending Hamish Campbell Photography.
— Debbi Jennings - Marketing & PR Officer - Yorkhill Children's Charity