Case Study

Worldwide Cancer Reserch

Prominent and progressive funding body asks 'How do we get more, for less?'

Worldwide Cancer Research fund projects in some of the world’s most prestigious research institutions. The charity has funded 1,768 of the world’s most diverse and unexpected projects, in 34 countries around the world. Where Worldwide Cancer Research differ from many in the cancer charity landscape is that they invest in not only world-renowned specialists but also up and coming talent. They do these things for one very good reason - to gain a global perspective. They understand that research doesn’t happen in isolation and answers will not come from one scientist, in one lab, in one country.

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

For many creatives it is a stretch to find further value in what they are doing. Budgets are often shrinking and clients are now far more aware of what is achievable within the confines of their budget. The perceived need to keep costs down is often accompanied by the process of scaling projects back. But perhaps their is another way? What if we offered more?  What if we said 'let's deliver more'? The entire landscape of visual media content creation is changing. Many still fashion their houses of straw and wood, but this project illustrates how we have the ability to use every moment and opportunity to do more, make more, deliver more.  Creating extra content along side current projects can build a house of brick. For charity based clients this approach can be invaluable, but it is not exclusive to charity clients. Delivering quality, flexible content across multi platform media is now the role of the modern day photographer. 

When every penny counts!

Even the biggest and best charities have to ask people for money, and asking is never easy. Knowing you are not the only ones asking can only make it harder. When people do give, it is hugely important that the money is put to good use. For many charities ensuring every penny in the budget is accounted for and stretched to the maximum, can often impact on what gets done and what does not. This influence may end up dictating how well a charity can tell their story, or spread their message. As Director of Marketing and Communications at Worldwide Cancer Research, Beverley Hart understands more than most the developing need for cost effective media. She posed this question:  'How do we get more, for less?'. The answer... 'Use every part of the Buffalo.'

Native Americans would hunt buffalo 2 or 3 times a year and utilise every part of the animal. The obvious skins and meats were used as materials and food, but they went far further than that. Naming only a few of the other less likely things they farmed from the animals: threads, building materials, needles, rattles, fuel for fires, soap and even glue! So this is far from a new idea. However finding a team that wants to use every opportunity and every moment is not so easy. 

Turn up the volume!

With the 'Use all of the Buffalo' legend underpinning the whole project, we started to look at everything differently. Together with the UNION we set about designing a project plan built around Worldwide Cancer Research's Annual Report that meant we could shoot and capture as much material as possible. The below is a break down of the collateral that we collected over a 5 day period.  

For the main Annual Report project

  • Stills for printed Annual report concept on location holding 'ANSWERS' cards
  • Video for Annual report concept on location (each scientist would have a 2 minute and 1 minute solo film. Extra footage would be edited together with the other scientist to create a presentation film for events and conferences)
  • Audio interview for voice over of Annual Report videos. These interviews would also be transcribed for blog posts and audio versions would be made into podcasts


  • Photographic Portraits in lab settings for social media/web and profile pictures 
  • Photographic Portraits in lab setting holding 'THANK YOU' cards in English and in the scientist own language 
  • Photographic Portraits in lab setting holding blank cards that could be edited in post with any relevant phrase.
  • Video shot in lab setting with 4-5 pre-written statements such as 'Thank you for your donations'. These clips would be used on social media and also edited into a short end of year general thank you film.
  • Mixed stills in lab of the team and and relevant equipment. For image bank
  • Audio interviews with relevant team members. For blog and podcast use. 
  • Behind the scenes images and video for social media.

Project outcomes

The result of this 5 day project:

  • 8 case study videos (see above)
  • 3 corporait presentation videos
  • 1 New Year thank you video
  • 22 sound bite video clips in support of WCR for social media
  • 8 Image above the line campaign stills (see above)
  • Over 400 supporting images for Image bank use
  • 70 behind the scenes images
  • 22 portraits of the 8 scientists
  • 20 portraits of supporting staff
  • 8 scientist specific talking head interviews (pod casts/transcribed/video)
  • 4 supporting staff audio interviews (pod casts/transcribed/video)

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